Electrical and Electronics

The IEEE RAS Conference is fully equipped to challenge and enthrall young minds with topics that are new and fresh in the field of electronics. The topics covered are a mix of electronics and various other fields which is sure to enhance the knowledge of any participant. Network planning , Sensor building, Cyber-Physical Systems , Robotics and IOT are just a few of the many topics to be covered in this conference. We ensure to provide the vast range of skills for an electronics engineer to meet the requirements of today’s competition to become the best in the world. So pick your wire and start the fire.


  1. MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical) technology
  2. Digital Signal Processing
  3. Emergency Power System
  4. Energy Audit and Conservation
  5. Artificial Neural Network
  6. Thermal Imaging
  7. Automated Distribution System
  8. Network Planning and Design
  9. Micro- and nano-electromechanical systems
  10. Industrial Automation and Control
  11. Embedded systems
  12. Image Processing and Cryptography
  13. MEMS and Sensors Design
  14. VLSI Design
  15. Wireless Networking
  16. Integrated Optics
  17. Electronic Devices in Communications
  18. Computational Electromagnetics